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Leadership Development Program During Covid-19

Human Capital

Client’s Need:

A large manufacturing company needed a leadership development program for its top 50 employees. Its purpose was to support the implementation of the cultural shift and new business model by teaching and applying new processes, creating connections across previously siloed departments and locations, and creating real change in the way the participants and those they managed accomplished their work. The 10-month long program was comprised of five three-day modules to be developed and delivered virtually, on a very tight timeline during a pandemic.

The client needed a partner to develop and design the structure, content and activities for the modules and to facilitate each session.


Axxum Consulting Approach:

Axxum Consulting planned and facilitated weekly workshops with the leadership team to design content, which also involved determining how the organization would approach the changes the leadership program was meant to support. Our team collaborated closely with presenters to determine their objectives, create their presentation materials, develop ways to engage the audience in a virtual setting, and become comfortable presenting. We designed custom virtual activities to engage participants and support learning and application of new skills, tools and processes. We also gathered, analyzed and presented data in order to evaluate the success of the program and continually learned from each module to inform the next.



Axxum designed and facilitated innovative multi-day virtual conferences which built connections across previously siloed departments, taught new skills and ways of working, and built capacity among the company’s top leaders. Our team helped define company strategy in implementing new ways of working and created real change by engaging participants in their own learning and partnering with leaders to model new ways of working.

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