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Program and Change Management for a Nonprofit

Human Capital

Client’s Need:

Following the challenges that arose with the COVID-19 pandemic and a desire to become more operationally efficient, our client conducted studies to analyze the benefits of reorganizing their management structure and geographic footprint by consolidating and redistricting their territory, composing a quarter of the United States. Our client sought a partner to assess the risks and benefits of their models and develop an implementation plan for the restructuring, including communication strategies, managing cultural changes and realigning management structures (including succession planning) resulting from redistricting as well as upcoming territorial leadership retirements.


Axxum Consulting Approach:

Axxum Consulting reviewed all prior analyses and conducted 50+ stakeholder interviews representing a broad subset of the employee population, to obtain a more holistic view of the needs of the organization and the challenges they faced. Axxum then presented various future organizational designs, highlighting pros/cons and outlining a change in leadership structure including briefs on refined roles and responsibilities. Upon executive approval, Axxum established workgroups tasked to prepare for the reorganization. In addition, our consultants developed monthly communication plans, communication materials and prepared the organization for change following the PROSCI® framework, including the creation and implementation of a Change Agent Network to help facilitate the cultural change. 



Axxum launched and managed strategic reorganization efforts to enable a leadership transition and a restructured organizational model that positively impacted physical assets, finance, personnel, services and operational efficiencies. Additionally, Axxum revamped the organization’s communication methods and materials including consistent updates, information sessions, town halls, FAQ documents, and employee feedback surveys, resulting in improved change awareness and employee engagement. The deadlines for the reorganization effort were met, allowing for a seamless transition of leadership and the implementation of a new organizational structure and processes.

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