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Operating Model - Operational Efficiency Improvement


Client’s Need:

A global organization was seeking a partner to evaluate its operations within its business. The client’s goal was to advance operational efficiency and productivity through a comprehensive examination of operational processes, demand prioritization, and incentivization initiatives. In parallel, the client desired to obtain insights into the most favorable organizational structure including clear role descriptions and responsibilities aligned with the organization’s goals.


Axxum Consulting Approach:

Axxum Consulting began by standardizing and streamlining operational processes through a thorough review of existing documentation, shadowing and interviewing employees and mapping out current processes. Recommendations on observed areas for improvements were provided leading to workshops aiming at developing and overseeing an implementation plan. The plan included initiatives across five key workstreams: Process, Technology, Reporting, Employee and Compliance. Our consultants also reviewed and analyzed the organization’s structure, documenting roles and responsibilities and linking key performance indicators to organizational metrics and incentive schemes.



The engagement led to the standardization and documentation of enhanced operational processes, driving an increase in efficiency and productivity within the business. A comprehensive operational efficiency opportunity map and implementation plan were developed, providing clear milestones, tasks, timelines and owners for each initiative. Additionally, the employee incentive program was aligned to clear metrics and Roles & Responsibilities charts were created, outlining key roles, responsibilities, competencies and KPIs. These resulted in improved operational efficiency, enhanced employee performance and better alignment between organizational goals and individual contributions.

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