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Program Management for a Global Organization


Client’s Need:

A global insights platform organization sought an external resource to establish a transformation program and management office (TMO) managing initiatives on a global scale. The client wanted to identify best practices, opportunities, and potential adjustments to his initial implementation plan and put in place a process ensuring its efficient and successful implementation.


Axxum Consulting Approach:

Axxum Consulting established a process with a clear governance and reporting structure while implementing documentation, tracking and reporting processes. Our consultants facilitated workshops with executives to reprioritize initiatives based on current business needs and to align stakeholders on findings, gaps, recommendations and outcomes from the implementation plan. Axxum Consulting managed the transformation program, including reporting, tracking, facilitating meetings and overseeing workstreams, while identifying and documenting opportunities, barriers, risks and interdependencies to support the transformation of the client’s organization.



Our flexible approach allowed for the refinement of the implementation plan based on immediate business needs, which ensures the prioritization and completion of the key initiatives improving the organization’s efficiency. A structured approach to program implementation was established within the organization, incorporating clear governance and reporting pathways. This facilitated the development, implementation, and measurement of transformation initiatives by ensuring alignment among all stakeholders. Axxum Consulting also provided training and transitioned the oversight of the Transformation Program to an internal resource, ensuring sustainable program management for future initiatives.

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